Upcoming events

Title Event type Presenter Date
Clinic on Dynamical Approaches to Infectious Disease Data Workshop Various 16-12-2018
TBA Seminar Tom Hladish 12-12-2018
TBA Seminar Cecile Viboud 30-11-2018
Software Engineering Workshop for Applied Mathematical Sciences (SEAMS) Workshop Various Faculty Leads 26-11-2018
TBA Seminar Birhanu Ayele 23-11-2018
TBA Seminar Andrew Maher 16-11-2018
TBA Proposal Defence James Azam 14-11-2018
TBA Seminar Marijn Hazelburg 09-11-2018
Age-Mixing Patterns and Associations Between Patner Age Differences and Relationship Charactersitics that Affect HIV Trasnmission Risk Master's Defence Emmanuel Muema Dominic 07-11-2018
TBA Seminar Cari Van Schalkwyk 02-11-2018
“A multisite analysis of population based cross-sectional HIV/AIDS data to assess the cascade of care in the era of wide spread preventive and treatment programs in four high HIV prevalence sub-Saharan countries: Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, and Zimbabwe”. Student Seminar Menard Chihana 31-10-2018
TBA Seminar Andrew MacNab 26-10-2018

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Past events

Title Event type Presenter Date
The impact of pre-exposure prophylaxis on HIV antibody maturation Seminar Ivana Parker 19-10-2018
The weakest link: Exploring global uncertainty and sensitivity of extinction probability for tsetse flies (Glossina spp) Seminar Elisha Are 17-10-2018
Estimating and monitoring child health at population level: A model-based assessment of health facility-based data. Student Seminar Tracy Glass 10-10-2018
A population's STI prevalence is largely determined by the connectivity of its sexual network and the genital microbiome this produces Seminar Prof Chris Kenyon 05-10-2018
TB-associated mortality in South Africa: longitudinal trends and the impact of health system interventions. Student Seminar Muhammad Osman 03-10-2018

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