Upcoming events

Title Event type Presenter Date
Introduction to Epidemiology and Research Methodology Course Dr Jo Barnes 03-03-2020
"Mathematical modelling: design choices" Seminar Dr Marijn Hazelbag 28-02-2020

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Past events

Title Event type Presenter Date
Status update on the 2019 novel coronavirus(nCov): Insights and questions from epidemiological models Public lecture Prof Juliet Pulliam 13-02-2020
“Calibrating stochastic, dynamic disease transmission models to data: a tutorial and comparison of the most commonly used methods .” Master's Defence Wynand van Staden 05-02-2020
“Why do we spend so little on preventing ill-health and so much on treating it?” Seminar Professor Christopher Dye 31-01-2020
The First National Tuberculosis modelling symposium Workshop Various Faculty leads 27-01-2020
Software Engineering for Applied Mathematical Sciences Workshop Various Faculty Leads 20-01-2020

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