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Title Event type Presenter Date
Research Days Conference Various 09-09-2019
Introduction to R: Management, Exploration, and Communication of data Course Dr Roxanne Beauclair 12-08-2019

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Past events

Title Event type Presenter Date
Stuttering chains of transmission seen in monkeypox, measles, and hospital-acquired infections Seminar Dr Seth Blumberg 12-07-2019
Clinic on the Meaningful Modelling of Epidemiological Data (MMED) Workshop Various 27-05-2019
Exploring the intersection of health genomics, clinical informatics and genetic epidemiology for research in African populations Seminar Dr Nicki Tiffin 24-05-2019
In sickness and in health: quantifying human and animal health linkages in rural Kenya Seminar Prof Thumbi Mwangi 23-05-2019
Mathematical Modelling of Mechanotransduction in Rheumatic Heart Diseases Patients Student Seminar Mary Ajibola Familusi 22-05-2019

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