Individual-Based Modelling in Epidemiology: A Practical Introduction 14-18 May 2018, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Posted on Thu, Dec 14 2017 14:29:00

Prof Wim Delva (SACEMA, Ghent University, and Hasselt University) and Dr Lander Willem (University of Antwerp) presented this third edition of their innovative five-day course (registered as a University of Stellenbosch Short Course) at STIAS (adjacent to SACEMA) in Stellenbosch, with the help of tutors from SACEMA.  There were 15 participants from SACEMA and six other institutions. The aim of the course was to focus on the principles of conceptualising a model world, coding the model, analysing its behaviour, fitting it to data and communicating its results, with practical model examples in the epidemiology of HIV, Influenza, Malaria and Diabetes.

Individual Based Modelling 2018