SACEMA-M Excel Model

We have now posted on the SACEMA web-site two exciting new developments in the world of mosquito and malaria research and control.

These have emerged from work in Zimbabwe, supported over the past two years by SACEMA.

The first is a recent paper (Click here to see introductions to it) describing the results of innovative field research carried out by Dr. Glyn Vale [SACEMA Visiting Research Fellow] and colleagues in the UK and elsewhere in Africa. This research has been made possible because Dr. Vale has led an initiative to extend the use of the electric nets, which he developed for the study of tsetse flies, to sampling smaller insects. Other scientists have, at Dr Vale's suggestion, tried in the past to use the electric nets in this manner - but none has succeeded. Glyn has now succeeded magnificently where others have failed - and the result should be an eye-opener for all in the world of mosquito research.

The second development comes by way of user-friendly computer software for modelling various aspects of mosquito population dynamics and control. The suite of models has been developed by the same Dr Glyn Vale referred to above: he has called the package "sacemaM" and provides the package here, together with an introduction to its use.

Glyn would welcome feedback on both of these initiatives. He may be reached at